DAOs are decentralized autonomous organizations that are governed by smart contracts on a blockchain, allowing for a more democratic decision-making process where members can vote on proposals and make decisions together.

Kalamaha DAO allow our community, from fans to investors, to expand our universe and earn royalties from copyright shares and Kalamaha ventures directly from their DeFi account.

Some of the decentralized autonomous organizations features includes:

Transparency: DAOs operate on a blockchain, which means that all transactions and decisions are recorded and visible to anyone. This ensures accountability and trust among the members and stakeholders of the DAO.

Autonomy: DAOs are self-governing and self-sustaining, meaning that they can operate independently without relying on external parties or intermediaries. DAOs can also adapt and evolve according to the changing needs and preferences of their members and the market conditions.

Community governance: DAOs empower their members to have a say in how the organization is run and what actions are taken. Members can propose, vote, and execute proposals using their tokens or reputation. This creates a more democratic and collaborative environment where everyone can contribute and benefit from the collective wisdom and resources of the DAO.

Decentralization: DAOs are not controlled by a central authority or intermediary, but by a network of participants who follow a set of rules encoded in smart contracts. This reduces the risk of corruption, censorship, or manipulation.

Innovation: DAOs enable experimentation and innovation by allowing anyone to create, join, or fund new projects and initiatives that align with their vision and values. DAOs can create new forms of value exchange, collaboration, and coordination that are not possible in traditional organizations.

Scalability: DAOs can scale easily and efficiently by adding more members, resources, or projects without compromising their performance or security. DAOs can also leverage the network effects of blockchain technology to reach a wider audience and create more impact.

Diversity: DAOs can attract and accommodate diverse members who have different backgrounds, skills, interests, and perspectives. This can enrich the culture and creativity of the DAO and foster a more inclusive and tolerant community.

Incentivization: DAOs provide incentives for their members to participate and contribute to the organization’s success. Members can earn rewards for their work, stake their tokens to gain voting power or access to exclusive benefits, or share in the profits or revenue generated by the DAO.

Original Content

Music and video; public ventures; institutional sponsorship; live performances; product licensing; games; soundtrack; radio streaming; physical products; and more are developed, maintained and managed through Kalamaha DAO.

This means that all Kalamaha intellectual property is owned by its community, from fans to investors, ensuring the preservation of collective interest and continuity in the development of new products with authonomy and transparency.




and loud!


Unique content


Stories for all ages


New characters


Limited edition


& graphic novels


Series OVA


Expanding fun


Original music


with rewards


is all you need

Autonomous & decentralized
Use Of Proceeds
DAO Treasure
Liquidity Pool
Original Content
Marketing & Governance
Burn Reserves

Treasury maintained through DAO governance.

Our DeFi community is responsible for managing original Kalamaha content, KLMH DAO manages resources and redistributes revenue from copyrights, products and other Kalamaha achievements with the decentralized governance, transparency and security offered by the Ethereum blockchain.


The treasury is intended exclusively for the development of the project and maintained through decentralized autonomous governance, the KLMH DAO treasury is maintained through a liquidity pool with parity in Ethereum on the Uniswap platform.

DeFi Revenue

Revenue distribution is carried out through the KLMH DAO platform, which redistributes dividends to its community through DeFi (Decentralized Finance). The financial result is distributed through $KLMH tokens and/or $ETH (Ethereum) currency, with guaranteed parity through a liquidity pool on the Uniswap platform.

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