Property Rewards
Royalties from copyright shares
$KLMH allow our community, from fans to investors, to earn royalties from copyright shares and Kalamaha ventures directly from their DeFi account.
Original Content
The Kalamaha universe is constantly expanding with new music; clips; production for social media platforms; development of games, films, comics, animations and exclusive stories that enrich the original content.
Music and video streaming; cultural public notices and institutional sponsorship; live performances; product licensing; games; soundtrack; radio; sale of official products; and more! All original Kalamaha content is developed, maintained and managed through decentralized autonomous governance.
In practice, this means that all Kalamaha intellectual property is maintained by its community, from fans to investors, ensuring the preservation of collective interest and continuity in the development of new products with the governance platform.
Revenue Streams
And more...
KLMH DAO is responsible for managing and calculating Kalamaha’s financial results in its most distinct commercial initiatives, such as intellectual property licensing; income from streaming music and videos on digital platforms; conducting live presentations; cultural sponsorship; sale of exclusive products; production of events and monetizable content; etc.


Music @ Spotify, Apple, Youtube, Amazon, TikTok..

Public Performance

Revenue from Live Events.


Games, comics, animation, film, merchandising


Custom projects, media, events with sponsored content.


Shares on NFT's sales and trades


Apple Music, Amazon Music, Play Store


Royalties from content on radio, tv, online media.


Social media, ads revenue

Revenue distribution is carried out through the KLMH DAO platform, which redistributes dividends to its community through DeFi (Decentralized Finance). The financial result is distributed through $KLMH tokens and/or $ETH (Ethereum) currency, with guaranteed parity through a liquidity pool on the Uniswap platform.
Autonomous & decentralized
Use Of Proceeds
DAO Treasure
Liquidity Pool
Original Content
Marketing & Governance
Burn Reserves

Treasury maintained through DAO governance.

Our DeFi community is responsible for managing original Kalamaha content, KLMH DAO manages resources and redistributes revenue from copyrights, products and other Kalamaha achievements with the decentralized governance, transparency and security offered by the Ethereum blockchain.

The treasury is intended exclusively for the development of the project and maintained through decentralized autonomous governance, the KLMH DAO treasury is maintained through a liquidity pool with parity in Ethereum on the Uniswap platform.
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